Athletic Dept. Information

Program Description:  CHS has a student body of approximately 875 students participating in the SC High School League 3A Classification.

Fall Sports:  Varsity Boys’/Girls’ Cross Country, Varsity/JV Football, Varsity Girls’ Tennis, Varsity/JV Volleyball

Winter Sports: Varsity/JV Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball

Spring Sports: Varsity/JV Baseball, Varsity Golf, , Varsity/JV Boys’ Soccer,  Varsity/JV Girls’ Soccer, Varsity/JV Softball, Varsity Boys’ Tennis, Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Track

We have middle school feeder programs for football, volleyball, and basketball.  The Clinton YMCA has feeder programs for football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball.  There is a community tennis program that provides private lessons at the athlete’s expense.

Facilities: Clinton High School and Clinton Middle School have a combined five gymnasiums and 14 acres of turf grass.  The high school boasts one track with a practice field inside the track; three full-length practice fields; a baseball field, a softball field, a cross country trail, two gymnasiums (the main gym seats 1800 fans); a 2000 sq. ft. weight room; a 1200 sq. ft. athletic training room; seven athletic locker rooms; one TEAM room used for team meetings and film study.  The middle school boasts a baseball field; a softball field; six tennis courts with scoreboard; one track with practice field inside the track; a soccer field; and Wilder Stadium, home of the CHS Red Devil football team; five athletic locker rooms; one athletic training room.

Program Challenges: building a new baseball & softball complex at the high school; renovating Wilder Stadium; building feeder programs within the schools to help current varsity sports; work with youth programs to have a feeder system for all current varsity programs; establish an athletic academic coordinator

Academic Plan: Our coaches concern themselves with stimulating each student athlete so that he or she desires to secure the finest education possible.  The following rules are based on our Athletic Mission Statement:

  • Always be on time, in your seat, with materials ready for class.
  • Recognize the classroom teacher as the absolute authority and follow his or her rules, showing respect at all times.
  • Dress neatly: shoes tied, pants pulled up and belted, and shirts tucked in (men).
  • Never prepare to leave before the end of class.
  • Make sure to turn in all assignments on time, both homework and daily work.
  • Never stop working in a class, no matter how badly you may struggle during the semester.
  • Communicate with your coach.
  • Coaches will communicate with the student athlete and the teachers.
  • Identified students will be monitored and/or attend study hall or tutoring sessions.